What a great night out!

A couple of nights ago, my wife and I had dinner with Sarah Creanor and her family to say goodbye to Sarah. She is on her way to a USA college (Wagner Div 1 in New York).

Looking back at when Sarah started to train with me and looking at how much she has improved, makes me very sad, but proud to say Good Bye.

We had good times and bad times (especially when Sarah didn’t make the NSW State Team) She was about to walk away from basketball all together. That was the hardest time we went through. But we talked and talked and then trained and trained. We finally got Sarah back on track.

When Sarah started to smile and joke around again, her basketball skills only got better.

We were having fun again. With a lot of help from Sarah’s dad we are going back to do the things that we are love-play ball.

After having a great experience with Sarah, I now definitely know, that hard work always pays of.

To Sarah (one of my projects) what to say about the girl that I spend every week with one on one training?

Sarah, you are going to be just fine with the new chapter in your life because you have been trained to be the best.

From bottom of my heart and all of Delije, we wish you all the very best.